Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Johney Window

I cannot say I am an expert at judging or knowing people.
I do not even know myself properly (see previous post), so I can't be expected to know other people well.  So I have developed (inspired from many sources) The Johney Window (insert the little copyright R symbol)
Like a Johari Window (did I not tell you it was inspired) is used for personal awareness and measure what we and other know about ourselves (through our own and others' perception) The Johney Window (insert the little copyright R symbol) is used to gain awareness of other people. 

The four Johney's windows of awareness are:

Interpretation of Windows:

The bigger "Secrets and Lies" window is, Person X is mysterious to many people, and automatically, more popular.

The bigger "Secret Rumours" is, chances are, you need to run the rumour mill more than your treadmill!, because you know nothing Jon Snow

The bigger "Your Best friend's and your Arch Enemy's dirty little secrets" is, either you are too close to Person X or you are obsessed with Person X. Chill man!

The bigger "Open Secrets" is, chances are, Person X is a boring person or a slut.

I wonder how the windows are for you... yes you.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Valentine's Day: when the veil between hearts is thinnest

Valentine's day is here. Halloween is when the veil between the spirit world and the living world is thinnest, likewise Valentine's day is when the veil between hearts is thinnest.

And this was what my mind told my heart:

If you keep even one toe out of line, heart, I shall murder you, so either be strong, or face my wrath of death: I shall thrust you to the unknown depth of darkness and pierce you with the pointed edge of malice and drown you there forever.

Have I not told you that it is not for us? Have I not advised you strongly never to go near it, or to even think about it? But I see that you have disregarded my warnings and you sought an escape, but I shall never let you, for I have seen the future, and it is dark, bleak and full of sadness. I would rather have you die then see it happen.

So give yourself up to me willingly. In place of the darkness you are in, I shall set up a fortress of solitude, and it shall be both beautiful and terrible. Surrender unto me, and you shall not suffer.

So, what was the conversation between your heart and mind on this day was like?

Sunday, February 09, 2014

A farcical spectacle called love

Now that Valentine's day is near, I finally have an excuse to write about the romantic form of love. 

I have thought about it a lot and I have come to a conclusion: it is not meant for me; it is simply not possible for me and I cannot do it. The idea itself is so revolting, the concept so ridiculous that I absolutely won't entertain a single minute engaging in it.

I don't know why my mind revolts so insolently against it.
 Why do I hate the romantic kind of love so much? Is it because hate is another way to express love, and all of my capacity for love is transformed into hating it? 
Why would anyone care about these frivolous things like love? There are people who have far more serious problem - like not knowing where their next meal will come from, or whether their next step is going to be a pit or a bough, or which book to pick up next. 

I, for one, would not waste a single breath for it, but would watch other people's love lives cynically: "Yeh tamasha muskuraakar hum bhi dekhenge" (rough translatation: I shall witness this farcical spectacle with a faint smile on my face).

^First Step of becoming a Supervillain. 

Friday, February 07, 2014

Who is Naorem Johney Adamson?

Many people have asked me that. I have never been able to give them a satisfying reply.

-The profile description on this blog says: "I am my mother and father's son". But is that all I am? 

-Often, I try to pass myself as a fictional character: a follower of the Light, wielder of the Flame, reader of the Great Pattern, defender of the weak, protector of the poor, etc. etc.

-Sometimes, I tell them, "I am a different you from a different perspective, we are all same".

-Other times I mellow and say I am whatever everyone else is not.

-One might say, I am not the flesh but the spirit/soul, but I have never met this spirit or soul so I don't buy it either. (Hello soul, I am you. Nice meeting me, mate.Care for a game of tortoise?)

None of which I really believe in, so I don't expect others to buy it either.

But I like to pretend I am a fictional character in a fictional novel. Rawr!

Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Winds of Change: Do people remain the same over the years?

Most people do not change. Even over long periods of time. Many people I met decades ago still remained the same person with the same liking, the same laughter, and the same fears; whereas a few went total transformation and it was like I never knew them in the first place. Of these two kinds of people, I like the former, because I can connect with them with known familiarity we share, where as with the latter it is a struggle to understand this new person they have become, and I always ask this question to myself: what percentage of the person I knew is part of the new person they have become?

So, what portion of a person makes that person that person? 

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

On letting go

I was wrong: letting go gets easier with practice.

There are three levels of letting go:

First level of letting go: When you can let go of anything when you want to; at the blink of an eye you can get detached from anything.

Second level of letting go: When you no longer need to let go, as nothing comes in, nothing gets attached, and you are as free as the Wind.

Third and final level of letting go: When you are in peace with the world, you are one with the world: everything belongs to you and nothing belongs to you.

Practice. Practice. Practice until you achieve perfection.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

True love's first kiss

True love's first kiss. The stuff of  fairytales. I would have never believe that it is such a powerful force, and would have said it is only stuff of make believes.

But I know now it is for real. Very much real. Like the Moon and the Sun is real kind of real. The potency, the lingering effect, and the promise it holds for the future hits you so hard on your psyche, that you begin to believe that it can break anything, evil curses included. Sometimes it hits you so hard it is harder to recover from them.

I can't tell you how it feels like; any comparison would be meaningless. I can't explain to you how the first rain on a virgin desert is like or how the breath you take after 'True love's first kiss' feels exactly like the first breath of a newborn child: uncomfortable but necessary.

And no, this is not a sudden realization on my part. I have come to know about it from practice: sometimes, it takes multiple 'True love's first kiss' to make you fully realise how truly potent they are. They are like x-rays. You don't know their effect on you unless you have been exposed to it multiple times. Both of them can be cancerous, though the act was for a noble cause.

How foolish and weak humans are, to be affected so much by such small and simple things. To be always haunted by "True love's first kiss" each waking and dreaming moments, to be always filled with the memory of that feeling of soft skin pressed onto another, and to have sparks in our heads whenever the scene replays in our mind each time...

Love dies. But the memory of that 'True love's first kiss' lingers on. And if tilt your head towards the first rain of the year, and when the rain drops touch your lips, it feels almost like 'True love's first kiss'.